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Dr. Austin-Small provides consultations and independent psychological evaluations for individuals and organizations. The general goal in both cases is the same- to get a clear understanding of a complex situation, establish a concrete and validated report of findings, and create a potential path to move forward.

Independent Psychological Examinations

Dr. Austin-Small conducts independent disability and psychological evaluations, usually at the request of attorneys, for disability claims during the Veterans Administration Appeals process or Social Security claims.


In addition to Veterans disability evaluations, Dr. Austin-Small also conducts consultative exams to aid in differential diagnosis, competency determination, and functional assessment.


Evaluations involve comprehensive review of records, psychological testing where appropriate, along with collateral information and in-depth psychological interviews.


Wherever possible, Dr. Austin-Small meets with the client in their home or in their office in Albany, NY. Tele-evaluations and videoconference are available for claimants living in rural areas, or outside NY State. A final report addresses the following areas:

  1. Personal and social history

  2. Medical history

  3. Occupational history, including interpersonal functioning in a work environment

  4. Psychiatric and substance abuse history

  5. Mental status exam and testing results

  6. Present functioning across domains and impact of disability

  7. Biological, personality, and social contributors to disability and present functioning

  8. Prognosis, treatment options


Final reports are usually given to both the attorney and the client. Reports are clear, with specific and detailed reasoning regarding diagnosis and functioning across domains.

Please note Dr. Austin-Small does not provide custody or sexual offender risk evaluations.

Dr. Austin-Small can be contacted regarding evaluations at or 518-227-1080.

Dr. Austin-Small's CV- PDF format

A sample report can be viewed here: Sample Report. 

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