Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations

When Dr. Austin-Small performs a forensic evaluation on behalf of the courts or a third party organization (such as the SSA or a Veterans Administration claim), he will go through a multistep process that produces a specific report or opinion. 

Evaluations are conducted at times convenient for the claimant, which can include evening and weekend appointments. There is no rush or artificial time limit set on clinical interviews- they can last as long as is required. Where appropriate, cognitive, neuropsychological, and psychiatric assessment batteries can be conducted. Collateral interviews with family members or supports are welcomed.

Gender-Related Evaluations

Dr. Austin-Small conducts evaluations & consultation for gender-affirming care. Using an informed consent model, Dr. Austin-Small conducts treatment and surgical readiness evaluations and authors letters that comply with current standards of care as outlined in WPATH & ICATH guidelines. Documentation for gender marker correction is also supplied.


Dr. Austin-Small a Licensed Psychologist in New York providing accessible psychotherapy. Dr. Austin-Small is LGBT competent and specializes in disorders such as PTSD, depression & mood disorders, interpersonal issues, chronic grief & loss, and personality disorders. Dr. Austin-Small's objective is to assist individuals in achieving emotional well-being, increased self-confidence & better coping skills in order to overcome life challenges.

Agency & Team Consultation

Dr. Austin-Small offers consulting services to area agencies and non-profits. Areas include staff training, complex case consultation and recommendations, programmatic design, and supervision.

Second Opinions

In partnership with UberDoc, Dr. Austin-Small provides second opinions and consultations in conjunction with primary care providers for complex or persistent difficulties.