About Psychotherapy with Dr. Austin-Small:

Dr. Austin-Small provides psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Work can be brief and focused on just a particular issue or situation, or it can be ongoing and in-depth.

Although originally trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, Dr. Austin-Small has training in several models of brief psychotherapy, and post-doctoral training in narrative, CBT, and integrative methods. Dr. Austin-Small has specialized training in working with complex issues, such as identity difficulties, PTSD / trauma, and dissociation. Dr. Austin-Small is LGBTQIA competent, and knowledgable about polyamory and fluid relationships.

Appointments, Insurance, and Availability

Dr. Austin-Small is currently accepting patients via TelaDoc. Most major insurances are accepted. It's easy to register and schedule an appointment. Psychotherapy is conducted by videoconference, eliminating the hassles of transportation & parking. Feel free to go there now.















Dr. Austin-Small can be contacted regarding psychotherapy appointments using the above links or at or calling 518-227-1080.

Learn About Conditions That May Affect You:


Mood Disorders
Managing Emotions

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