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Other Evaluation Services

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Independent evaluation services play a pivotal role in objectively assessing an individual's physical, cognitive, or psychological impairments to determine their eligibility for disability benefits, ability to return to work, or ability to make reasonable decisions. Through a comprehensive and standardized assessment process, these services aim to provide a fair and accurate evaluation of the individual's limitations and their impact on daily life activities. As a qualified professional utilizing evidence-based methodologies, Dr. Austin-Small’s disability evaluation services ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the necessary recognition and assistance they require, balancing the right to self-determine with the need for support.

Evaluations are comprehensive and always include the following elements:

  1. Full social history, including developmental and educational history.

  2.  Work history, including the impact of mental health on work functioning, career trajectory, and loss of work.

  3. Medical history

  4. Detailed psychiatric history, including full records review and rebuttal to prior opinions if required

  5. Substance abuse history

  6. Full mental status exam,

  7. Psychological testing as appropriate to the case

  8. Diagnotic impression

  9. Risk assessment, particular to the circumstance

  10. Impairment level and functional assessment

  11. Prognosis, recommendations for further care.


Dr. Austin-Small is an independent medical examiner. This means he reviews evidence, including appropriate records, and conducts a clinical interview to determine the level of impairment and its causes. Exams are not guarantees of any specific disability level or cause.

Other Evaluations

SSI or SSDI Evaluations

An SSI (Supplemental Security Income) / SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) psychological exam is an evaluation performed by a mental health expert to understand how a person's mental or emotional conditions affect their ability to work. This exam helps the Social Security Administration decide if someone qualifies for disability benefits due to their mental health challenges.


Fitness For Duty

A fitness-for-duty psychological exam is a straightforward evaluation conducted by a trained professional to determine if a person is mentally and emotionally fit to perform their job effectively and safely. This exam helps employers make sure that their employees are in a good state of mind to handle their responsibilities without any risk to themselves, their coworkers, or the workplace. 


Worker's Compensation

A worker's compensation psychological exam is an informational and functional assessment done by a psychologist to figure out if a person's job-related experiences have caused any emotional or mental difficulties. This exam helps determine if an individual's emotional well-being has been negatively affected by their work environment, and if it's affecting their ability to perform their job.


Appeals or Second Opinions

Legal or Board decisions may not always reflect the full picture of the person's disability or the impact it has on their daily life. An appeal evaluation or second opinion is likely required. This is a full evaluation that addresses nexus concerns and current functioning, while also reviewing and addressing incomplete or inaccurate information from prior findings.


Competancy Evaluations

A legal competency psychological exam is a straightforward evaluation done by a trained expert to understand if a person has the mental ability to make important decisions for themselves about legal, financial, or personal matters. This exam helps legal professionals, like judges, determine if someone can understand what's happening in a legal situation and can make choices that are in their best interest.

Let's Work Together

If you are a veteran seeking private evaluation, or an attorney wishing to speak with Dr. Austin-Small regarding a case, please call 518-621-4757 or email

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